Pomade solve the problem have saved!

Pomade solve the problem have saved!
Rumors 1, can not use hair pomade oil.
The truth: The real oily scalp, not the hair. Note that cleanses the scalp, oily hair easy to glue dust and other dirt, excess oil secretion also easy to plug the pores of the skin of the head, resulting in head itch dandruff.
Only develop good shampoo, hair care habits, in order to make healthy hair, such as shampoo adhere to every day, to keep fresh and not greasy scalp, on this basis, if you want to make the hair more shine, moisture, can be used with hair oil to use. But need to pay attention to the position of the applicator, generally should be applied to the hair, the tail section, so that the pores of the scalp breathe.
Why are more and more hair oil? Problems have saved pomade
Rumors 2: shampoo directly down on the head, quickly and save.gay sex massage
Truth: Many people like to pour shampoo directly on the scalp then rub meal mad, but will pour shampoo directly on the head, and due to the local concentration is too high, easy to clean, but also damage the scalp. At the same time, excessive rubbing will damage the cuticle.
The correct way is to first rub the shampoo in the palm open, play a rich foam, foam and then applied on the hair and scalp clean.
Why are more and more hair oil? Problems have saved pomade
3, before shampoo - shampoo - conditioner when
First, before the shampoo, you can gently comb hair comb to open, reducing the hair attached to dust and dandruff; shampoo try to control the water temperature below 40 degrees; cleaning and also with that belly gently massage the scalp.
Make contact with the scalp shampoo and full massage with the pulp, and in the hair on the contrary, it is because a lot of hair care products that will nourish the use of silicone oil component of the film and a lot of nutrients, such ingredients may clog pores, thus affecting the refreshing of the scalp.gay escort
Why are more and more hair oil? Problems have saved pomade
4, choose a mild, non-irritating shampoo products
In addition, the choice of shampoo products, we should adhere to moderate, the principle of non-irritating. Lemon shampoo products contain natural ingredients for the oil to have a role. The citric acid in lemon natural ingredients to effectively remove grease hair follicles deep, adjusting the pH of scalp hair, oily scalp suppressed; the product contains a small amount of mint ingredients on the scalp can play a sedative effect, reduce the sensitive scalp caused by an oil issues.
Pomade problems from the start with details, from shampoo to shampoo method, you are right? Will get rid of inappropriate methods and habits, you can also have a refreshing hair oh.
They solve the problem of pomade good helper:
Why are more and more hair oil? Problems have saved pomade
Head & Shoulders dandruff shampoo refreshing deoiling RMB23.9 / 200ml
Especially fresh mint and lemon essence factor, not only can quickly remove dandruff deeply, more completely remove the hidden parts of fat, inhibit scalp oil secretion, make hair clean and fresh, the slightest clear. Fresh healthy hair in order to concentrate efforts to deal with the challenges.
Why are more and more hair oil? Problems have saved pomade
KLORANE Kang times as soft disposable protective spray RMB98 / 150ml
Without water, hair and scalp effectively remove dirt, grease and odors. Effectively enhance the hair supporting force, two minutes to restore hair clean abundance. Oats mild hair care formula to protect the hair.
Quick and easy way to use, especially for tourism, busy office workers, greasy hair and confinement.gay male massage videos