What are the different fish have different effects

Fish is common on the table, different fish have different nutritional value, natural right person is different, so what kinds of fish there, how to choose their own fish? Next, go to understand the next bar.
What are the different fish have different effects
1, carp
Carp, sweet, warm, with Spleen Qi, water swelling, detoxification, meridians under the milk and other effects, can treat edema, ascites, less maternal milk, ptosis, prolapse and other diseases. Ascites in patients with fresh carp and red bean soup take curative altogether. Same with fresh carp and trotters simmer, soup consumption, can cure the maternal less milk. Fish oil beneficial to cardiovascular health, can reduce blood viscosity, promote blood circulation.
2, Pangtou
Pangtou also called bighead carp, its sweet, warm, warm stomach, tonic, phlegm, asthma effect, applicable to the spleen and stomach, phlegm, cough symptoms. People of weak constitution Pangtou best to eat fish head, its warming effect is very good, but can treat tinnitus, dizziness role. Phlegm, dizziness, and people can use Pangtou walnuts cooking together.
3, octopus
Octopus has warm stomach, tonic, Ze skin, expelling wind, insects, make up the five internal organs and other effects, can be used for persistent hepatitis, chronic hepatitis adjuvant therapy. Octopus on the spleen and stomach, indigestion, dry skin are particularly suitable; also be used as persistent hepatitis, chronic hepatitis diet. Octopus eat can nourish the skin, keeping skin elasticity.gay club
4, Carp
Carp sweet, flat, with spleen appetizer, diuretic swelling, cough and asthma, tocolysis through milk, detoxification and other effects for edema, cough, asthma, fetal irritability, convulsions in children, epilepsy and other diseases. In addition, since the carp retina contains a lot of vitamin A, therefore, eat carp eyes eyesight particularly effective. With carp and melon, light blue soup to take the drugs cure nephritis edema. Big carp to stay the scales to simmer cooked intestinal miscellaneous sub-service, the jaundice. With live carp, trotters soup to take the drugs cure the maternal less milk. Carp and Chuanbei the end with a little soup taking cough, asthma. Coughing, wheezing, with a head carp with ginger, vinegar, garlic and cook, can play a role in mitigation after eating. People with epilepsy, you can eat with a brain or fat carp porridge.
5, cuttlefish
Cuttlefish have Zi liver and kidney, qi and blood, Qingwei to heat and other effects, women health food can be nourishing, eyesight, pass through, preventing miscarriage, facilitate production, prolactin and the like.
6, silver carp
Silver carp sweet, warm, warm in air, warm stomach, skin moisture and other effects, the temperature in the health food qi, can play dispel cold stomach, diuresis, cough, commonly used in the spleen and stomach, edema, cough , asthma and other diseases treatment. Silver carp eat can ease stomach pain. Especially for chronic gastritis by the stomach pain or indigestion. Edema patients can chub plus a red bean 30 grams cooking.gay sauna
7, eel
Eel through the liver, spleen and kidney, have complement deficiency, rheumatism, strong bones and other effects on blood sugar also has a regulatory role. Blood deficiency were available eels pork, Astragalus (gauze) was added and boil seasoning take. Malnutrition in children, who eat less available Xingshou an eel, cut into sections Gallus gallus add a little cooked. Hemorrhoids bleeding, uterine prolapse available eel cooking, Jiufu effective.
8, grass carp
Grass Mei Gan, warm, warm stomach, Liver and expelling wind and other effects, the temperature in the tonic health food, for the spleen and stomach, stomach pain, headache and other symptoms. Often graze the head can also gain wisdom, benefits the brain. Stomach pain people available plus a grass cardamom, Amomum 3 grams cook; headaches with grass carp add onions or parsley and cook food, can play a therapeutic role.
Which parts of the fish can not eat
The larger the fish age, the more fish brain and skin accumulated mercury. The measurement results show that fish, fish, fish roe, skin, brain mercury levels in fish 200 grams are very low, the value difference is not obvious, are below 0.02 mg / kg, far below the national limit (Hg≤0.5 mg / kg), it is completely safe to eat. With increasing age of the fish, the mercury content of fish roe and did not change significantly, but the amount of mercury accumulation in fish brain and skin increased significantly. 350 grams of fish, their skin and brain mercury levels in fish increased slightly; and 400 grams of fish, the mercury content of fish skin than 200 grams or less increased by 5 times as high as the mercury content of fish brain more than 20 times.
Ranking highest mercury content parts: head, "skin" fish "roe. In 400 g carp, for example, the mercury content of fish brain reached 0.36 mg / kg, 20 times for the roe, fish 15 times, six times the skin. But this law of carp 200 g or less does not apply.
After heating roe, mercury content is reduced. Comparative study of raw fish, cooked fish and found that the fish brain, skin and mercury in fish flesh does not decrease as heat. But after heated roe, mercury levels declined significantly, down to 0.008 mg / kg or less.gay spa