Urine color to see physical condition

"Yellow urine" and "pee number" and "pee bubble", "pee boring"...... Does the problem of the common occurrence really imply that the body has a problem?
Don't pee, flush left, look at the color of urine, observe whether his body out of the police. Medical center in Cleveland (Cleveland Clinic) reported, adult daily micturition about five to six times, if the daytime drinking 500cc water, but more than four hours to go to the toilet, is likely to will lead to inflammation of the urethra, special remind you, do not suppress.
The urine color and taste will reflect the physical condition, if the urine present yellowish, clear, no odor, is a normal; turbid conditions may is urinary tract by infection or stones and impurity; Oolong Tan may is taking drugs, or obstruction of the biliary tract that jaundice or liver problems; green may is taking large doses of anti-inflammatory drug induced; pink, red, brown, it is necessary to pay special attention to, if you haven't eaten beetroot or blackberry, this is serious urinary tract problems may also is a tumor.
The smell of urine if rancid, may suffer from bacterial infection caused by urinary tract infection; fresh fruit fragrance is in ketone body caused by too much, may be diabetes or excessive hunger caused by; urine bubble, it may be eating too many high protein food leading to proteinuria, if all day micturition when bubbles maintain minutes not scattered may is inflammation of the kidney.
Quantity: too much too little is not good
Normal people in the normal diet of drinking water, the amount of urine per day is about between 1000-2000ml. When the body appears abnormal, the performance in each day and night urine volume significantly increased or decreased, and even without urine. Every day and night the amount of urine remained at 2500ml for a long time. Every day and night in the 100-400ml range, for the less urine. If the daily urine volume less than 100ml, for no urine. If the urine for a long time to exceed the body's moisture content, will cause the body to lose too much water, leading to dehydration.gay massage
Color: abnormal urine color need to be cautious
Yellowish clear: normal urine color is clear and transparent or light yellow, the urine will people daily life custom and the in vivo environment with different color changes. Such as only one or two times the urine yellow and all the symptoms, may be the amount of water is not enough, sweating too much, taking certain drugs and other reasons, do not worry.
Deep yellow Rucha: the majority of patients with bladder cancer will have the color of urine, general first deep yellow, with the progression of the disease urine occasionally bloodshot, after the development of hematuria. The urine is often dark yellow, also accompanied by urgency, dysuria, blocking flu, the best time to the hospital for further examination.
White turbid liquid: if the urine throughout a white haze, a common cause of May is caused by filariasis chyluria, severe urinary tract festering sense of dye caused by purulent urine etc.. But some of the young men in the chronic prostatitis symptom is aggravating, may also appear in initial voiding or at the end of a small white or transparent mucus, may be inflammatory exudation of prostate fluid with the urine flow, should be further examined in order to avoid exacerbations.
Soy sauce color: if the urine was brown like soy sauce samples, and clarify light, no obvious turbidity. This is usually intravascular hemolysis induced by hemoglobinuria, such as favism, ABO hemolytic transfusion reaction. After severe trauma, within the muscle cells of myoglobin lot into the blood, also can appear this situation, should be paid attention to, so as not to affect the renal function.gay spa
Sense: find an antidote against the disease etiology
Astringent pain: a little kiwi and bitter gourd
A Chinese medicine experts recommend that men, pain in urination, urgency, and the symptoms are not too serious, outside the scientific treatment, appropriate to eat some kiwi, because kiwi is rich in vitamin E, antioxidant, and heat, fluid and other effects. With fresh kiwifruit, mash heating a cup of boiling water (about 250 ml), and mix thoroughly after the beverage service, due to prostatitis pain in urination, urgency has certain auxiliary therapeutic effect. In addition, can also eat more bitter gourd. But when the symptoms are serious, you need to go to the hospital to check the treatment as soon as possible, so as not to delay the disease.
Micturition faint feeling: in addition to check the prostate, but also check blood sugar
Many middle-aged and elderly men obviously feel that their urine is not as strong as before, often feel that the urine is not clean, the range of urine has become shorter. This in addition to the prostate gland illness, may be caused by diabetes, because of the severity of diabetic peripheral neuropathy may affect the control micturition of nerve conduction or cause urethral repeatedly inflammation even narrow, can cause dysuria. Therefore, in addition to urine weakness in addition to check the prostate, but also look up blood sugar.
Try these methods
Squat sitting type micturition: the old people use squatting sit type pee, can make abdominal pressure is enhanced, be advantageous to micturition. Elderly gastrointestinal motility weakened, anal sphincter function decline, the elderly are more likely to suffer from constipation. The squatting type urinal, can make the anus ventilation health, promote blood circulation, involuntary levator ani movement can also enhance anal sphincter systolic function and promote awareness of defecation, reduce constipation. Squatting pee can prevent fall, reduce the blood pressure of the brain, reduce the risk of.
On tiptoe micturition: sedentary habits of men will make genital blood running speed slow, resulting in perineal and part of the prostate chronic congestion, blood stasis, prostate local accumulation of metabolic product, block gland canal, prostate fluid flow is poor, causing or aggravating prostatitis. Tiptoe exercise can make blood return leg smooth, smooth urination. The specific method is: double foot together with, forced on the heel, repeatedly. Had better do it once every 1 hours.gay escort