Pomegranate drink water taboo

Pomegranate drink water taboo
Pomegranate peel after the use of the benefits to the body a lot, not only can antibacterial, antiviral, and also to treat diarrhea, cancer, beauty effect is also very good. However, this kind of Chinese herbal medicine itself with a little toxicity, so usually use the amount of time can not be too large, especially some of the patients with dysentery stagnation is not clear, not suitable for taking this kind of Chinese herbal medicine. In addition, pomegranate peel can not be a large number of long-term use, will be the color of blood dry stomach, is not conducive to good health. The pomegranate peel soaked in water to drink taboos are as follows:
1, pomegranate skin is not suitable and seafood and other food to take. This is because the pomegranate peel contains more tannic acid, this substance will and calcium elements and proteins react generation is not a kind of easy to digest the material. This body will have some indigestion, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain and other illnesses,
2, constipation patients are not suitable for taking pomegranate skin. This Chinese herbal medicine has a certain convergence effect, if the constipation patients taking pomegranate after the symptoms of constipation will be more serious.gay spa
3, patients with diabetes is not suitable for taking pomegranate peel, not only contains the high sugar content of pomegranate, pomegranate skin, the same, if the diabetes patients taking will lead to more serious condition.
4, pomegranate skin can not be taken for a long time, otherwise it will have serious side effects on the body.
5, pomegranate peel contains a certain toxicity, so the choice of taking the method is very necessary. This is because the contains pelletierine leads, this substance will cause the body to appear nausea and vomiting, decreased visual acuity, dizziness, fever and other symptoms and maybe even lead to collapse, is not conducive to good health.
6, and not too much dysentery patients must choose the appropriate time to take, otherwise will produce harm to the body.
Common usage of pomegranate peel
Above Xiaobian said the pomegranate peel soaked in water to drink the taboo, believe that all the people for this knowledge has a certain understanding. Pomegranate skin contains a very large effect, if the use of science, then the benefits for the body is very large. In addition to the above introduction of the pomegranate peel soaked in water to drink, also can be made into porridge, soup, the taste is very good.gay escort
First: Pomegranate Peel
Material: rice, pomegranate, sugar.
Approach: the pomegranate peel after the wash slice, and then into the pot with boiling water, finally obtain liquid filtration. Put rice into the liquid in the boiling pot, add sugar before it.
Efficacy: This recipe is taken one or two times a day, five days for a course of treatment, after a course of treatment can see the effect of. Main role is to warm the kidney and arresting, suitable for some abnormal leucorrhea or taking patients with spleen and kidney deficiency, the effect is very good.
Note: the body is not suitable for the use of such a diet, in addition to this, if it is wet tropical and urine of patients with astringent, it is recommended not to take pomegranate peel.
Second: pomegranate skin soup
Ingredients: pomegranate peel, angelica, gelatin, cooked leaves.
Approach: the pomegranate bark, leaves and Angelica wash after adding water and porridge in the pot, finally obtained solution filtration. The donkey while hot into the liquid, can be directly taken after the show. Recommend a daily dose of three days can be seen in a row to see the effect of the.
Efficacy: the main function of this recipe is tocolysis hemostasis for some during pregnancy due to fetal irritability or malnutrition caused by bleeding has good curative effect.
Third: pomegranate peel honey drink
Material: pomegranate peel, honey.
Practices: pomegranate skin will be washed after the water boiled, boil 30 points can a ceasefire, filter liquid add honey and stir.
Efficacy: This recipe after taking the main role is to treat women leucorrhea too much male involuntary emission, as well as some cough and bloody stool situation, can effectively promote the body back to health.
Small make up suggestions
The Xiaobian for everyone are introduced in detail pomegranate peel soaked in water to drink the taboo and some common pomegranate peel approach, I believe we have a certain understanding. Scientific use of pomegranate peel can make the body more healthy, so that it can better avoid this kind of medicinal material for the body's harm.gay bar