Drinking milk is not the best time.

The milk has become an essential part of life. Some people say good morning or, some say good night milk. In fact, the best time to drink milk is not the big difference in the effect of calcium intake in each period of time is not.gay escort
What is not the best time to drink milk
Breakfast milk is the choice of most people. A cup of milk with egg or bread, can provide adequate nutrition.
Drink milk is one of the options. Milk contains substances tryptophan can make people have tired sleepy acid, has good sedative and hypnotic effect. A lot of insomnia in the elderly, drink milk at night, but there are some sleeping effect.
But don't drink too late, if drinking, will increase the burden of digestion, but not conducive to sleep. Recommended 1~1.5 hours before bedtime drink, leave some time to digest.gay
For the elderly, there are tough bones, can be the backbone of the family. But osteoporosis seems to be the biggest obstacle to have strong bones. Calcium is the main substance of bone, adequate calcium can make the internal structure of the skeleton is full, strong bones. So it is recommended in the elderly, drink a cup of milk in the afternoon at four or five, a snack, the sun, not only enrich the leisure life, but also conducive to strong bones.
Newly listed Mengniu Hwan light series milk, is a good choice in the elderly. Experiments show that the continuous drinking shine light for 6 weeks, can significantly improve the human calcium absorption rate of more than 50%, strong bones, the old man to coruscate vigor.
In addition, vitamin D can not only help calcium absorption, but also increase muscle strength, to maintain the balance of the body. Huan light glucosamine milk, in particular, to add calcium, vitamin D, CPP, double effect to promote the absorption of calcium, calcium and calcium to stay, let the elderly easily have strong bones.
Some of the elderly after drinking milk, abdominal distension, diarrhea, which do not have to worry about. Tests showed that the Huan light glucosamine milk can significantly the proliferation of intestinal probiotics, especially significant proliferation of Lactobacillus (before and after drinking the proliferation of 400 times), so as to improve the drinking milk discomfort.
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