Dual GTX980SLI strong incoming

Three years ago, Apple released Mac Pro workstation, its compact shape, small size and gorgeous appearance to the world left a deep impression, a lot of folk nickname. Objectively speaking, the field of desktop product line today, a host of high-performance mini-demand gap is great. This year, the well-known PC manufacturer MSI has released modeling, volume similar to the Mac Pro Vortex G65 consoles, stunning the entire industry,gay massage
MSI Vortex consoles approximate cylinder art form, the weight of the whole volume is very small, 450-watt power supply to drive the GTX980 SLI configuration and i7 6700K so fever, very powerful. Comparative year Mac Pro, Vortex G65 although the number of processor cores have less, but the game is undoubtedly a strong performance many times (Mac Pro equipped D700 professional graphics core desktop AMD Tahiti down, our own strength is limited, but can not crossfire). Vortex G65 mechanical dimensions of 202 * 191 * 278mm, only four kilograms of weight, volume 6.5 l, however, in the field of high-performance mini-host to create a new history.gay male massage
In addition to powerful configuration, Vortex G65 also has a perfect storage component, a total of four DDR4 2133 equipped with a high-speed memory, 256GB Raid 0 high-speed solid-state drive system, there are additional 1TB mechanical hard drive added. In the interface area, Vortex G65 has SPDIF interface headset inserted empty, six USB3.0 high speed data interface, two USB 3.1 Tyep C high-speed data interface; with two Mini DP, HDMI as well as two dual-card brings two an RJ45, plus 2 × killer E2400 + Killer 1535 wireless card, can be described as very comprehensive, worthy of thirty thousand yuan worth flagship desktop.gay spa
MSI on the flagship desktop still GAMING Centre is equipped with a utility, such adaptation Windows 10 operating system, it is convenient for the players.gay club